07 Feb 2020

If I leave a shop and forget about an item then it wasn't right

When it comes to fashion, Anthea has a few rules. #1 Charity shops in snazzy parts of London can return lucrative rewards (designer dresses for £35 rather than £600). #2 Always cut the loops out of shoulders of garments, they are only there for shop display purposes. #3 Use your memory to see if you should buy a garment or not: “If I leave a shop and instantly forget about an item that definitely means it was not right.” #4 Make friends with a tailor. Diligently following these rules means Anthea has a thoughtfully curated wardrobe of stunning secondhand vintage finds, altered to fit her perfectly. She adds: “Clothes are like men. You will never find the perfect item when you are looking for it. They just happen upon you.” Photos by GEORGINA.

Anthea Wears

Dungarees, secondhand
Top, secondhand from Freshmans Boutique
Bangles, left hand from Jamaica, right hand from Brazil

Jumpsuit, secondhand from Sue Ryder
Belt, from Peru
Brothel creeper trainers, Rihanna for Puma

Dress, vintage from Mooch
Badge, gift from a friend in Australia
Earrings, 12-years-old originally from Topshop

Dress, vintage from Mooch
Earrings, flea market in Buenos Aires
Boots, from Argentina

Dress, vintage from Mooch tailored by Terrace Tailors
Re-heeled boots, originally from TK Maxx

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