Fast fashion to slow fashion in one year

10 Jan 2020

Artistic producer and director Megan Marie Griffith decided her addiction to sales was getting “ridiculous”, so in 2019 she challenged herself to curb her shopping habit and only wear clothes she already owned. “I was sending bags and bags to charity shops all the time and still had so much stuff in my wardrobe. I thought this isn’t good for me.” At the start of 2020 when new year’s resolutions are still top of the agenda, Megan shares her top four recommendations when it comes to reducing the urge to splurge…

Go Cold Turkey

A self-confessed “sales addict”, Megan used to kid herself she wasn’t spending much on clothes because she only ever bought reduced items. She’d deliver old garments to the charity shop only to immediately fill up all the gaps in her cupboard with more discounted gems. In the end, realising she didn’t need any new clothes, she decided the only way to tackle the habit was to commit to not buying anything new for an entire year.

Buy less, buy better

A trekking holiday to Peru meant Megan had to buy a couple of new things for the trip, but she decided to invest in better quality products in order to keep the garments for longer.  

Make it public

Megan announced her intent to not buy anything new on social media to keep her accountable. It is harder to fall off the wagon when all your friends and family are looking out for you.

Turn it into a project

Every day Megan shared her outfit on social media to prove to herself that she did have lots of different clothes and didn’t have “nothing to wear”. You can see a few of them here.

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