04 Dec 2019

I swooped in and nabbed them

During Sarah’s photoshoot, we keep stumbling upon stories of Sarah’s friends: a friend who runs a festival that sells literary pin badges, a friend who offers ethical fashion advice on coats and a friend who found some secondhand Levi’s for a £1 and gave them to Sarah on the realisation that they fit her perfectly. “In the course of doing this shoot, I realised that quite a lot of my clothes have come from my friends,” admits Sarah. “They are clothes that they owned that they thought I might like, or clothes that they were going to consign to the bin and/or charity shop before I swooped in and nabbed them. I think there is something really special about sharing clothes like this: it creates a sense of connection and of community. It also positively reclaims the idea of wearing ‘hand-me-downs’, which when I was growing up always felt like a slightly shameful thing to do.” Photos by GEORGINA.

Sarah Wears

Trousers, Lucy & Yak
Belt, vintage
Shirt, vintage
T-Shirt, Self Esteem
Necklace, The Wolf Gang Shop
Bracelet, Indie maker at Under the Stars Festival
Why? pin badge, merch from Why?

Trainers, Vans x Finisterre
Levi’s jeans, secondhand from a friend
Pin badge, Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes
Shirt, secondhand from lost property at work
T-shirt, secondhand
Fluorite necklace, indie seller at market

Jacket, Finisterre
Dungarees, Lucy & Yak
Hat, knitted by a friend
Scarf, knitted by brother’s godmother
T-shirt, secondhand
Rucksack, Takuro x Jollie
Boots, 16-years-old

Levi’s jeans, vintage
Shirt, vintage from Norwich market
Great Gatsby t-shirt, Out of Print
Bracelet, handmade by a friend
Pin, Ideal Bookshelf

Cardigan, handmade from a charity shop
Dress, secondhand from a friend
Scarf, knitted by brother’s godmother
Badge, custom made by a friend

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