01 Nov 2019

I bought this jacket from a guy I met whilst having a coffee

“I bought this jacket from a guy I met whilst having a coffee” says Jojo of his favourite 1950’s RAF Cold Weather Parka. It is a sentence that sums up Jojo’s approach to business pretty well. As the owner of Rag Parade, a specialist in men’s military, workwear, footwear and sportswear, Jojo spends much of his time travelling the world on the lookout for top quality gear – whether that be from an obscure store up a hidden staircase in Japan or just while he’s grabbing his morning coffee. Due to the fact Jojo is an avid collector and also a shopkeeper he has to be strict to keep his hoarding tendencies at bay. “I always ask myself a few key points: Will I see it again? Have I got anything similar? I always look for quality when buying new stuff and the fabric is really important. At the moment I think I’ve got enough clothes to last me a few lifetimes!” Photos by GEORGINA.

Jojo Wears

Spellbound jacket, originally made in Japan and swapped with a customer
1970’s Izod Lacoste Polo, second hand from a customer
Trousers, second hand from Amsterdam
1977 Nike Waffle Trainer, vintage from Japan

1999 Italian Navy Pumps, vintage from Superga
Orange 1970’s RAF Mountain Rescue Smock, vintage
1960’s Ventile Royal Navy Deck Pants, vintage

1989 CP Company Millie Miglia Race Jacket, vintage
1990’s Royal Navy Cargo Trousers, vintage
1985 Nike Oceania trainers, vintage

VTG 1990’s RN Cargo Pants, vintage
1950’s Royal Air Force Ventile Extreme Cold Weather Parka, vintage
Grenson Split Toe Derby Shoes, vintage

1850’s French Prison Jacket, vintage
WW2 USMC P-41 Herringbone Twill Jacket, vintage
USMC – US Marine Corps, vintage
1990’s Royal Navy Cargo Trousers, vintage
1970’s Adidas SL72, vintage

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