15 Oct 2019

I like to wear clothes that remind me of other’s resilience

One of the oldest items Leah owns is her pair of giant hoop earrings. She picked them up aged 14 from the Saint-Ouen market in northern Paris where she passed the weekends with her friends. “My style has changed a lot throughout the years, but the hoops have remained a constant.” Leah likes to pair her hoops with an eclectic mix of layers, patterns, charity shop treasures and what she terms “deconstructed clothing”. She also uses clothing as armour when there’s a banner to hold high or a fight to be had in the name of toppling inequality. “Sometimes when I need a little help in feeling empowered, I like to wear clothes that remind me of other people’s resilience. That can be clothes from friends but also campaigns.”

Leah Wears

Leopard print jacket, Common Thread Clothing Exchange
Necklace, Common Thread Clothing Exchange
Flower earring, second hand from a Flea Market
Red shirt, second hand
Skirt, Common Thread Clothing Exchange
Chilis, prop from a party

Hoop earrings, Saint-Ouen market in Paris
Necklace, handmade
Top, charity shop
Trainers, charity shop
Fan, picked up in Valencia

Adidas jacket, vintage
Shirt, charity shop
Trousers, second hand
Frog earring, gift from Japan

Dress, second hand from Leah’s Aunt
Trainers, charity shop

Top, charity shop
Shorts, second hand
Hat, lost and found at work
Hoop earrings, Saint-Ouen market in Paris

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