09 Sep 2019

Reminds me of when I got to pretend to be a famous rock star

Callum’s wardrobe is well loved. He has a lot of items he has been wearing for more than five years, which really is the definition of slow fashion. Many of his garments are vintage finds he has stumbled upon while travelling or have been passed along to him by friends and family. His Ralph Lauren shirt arrived with him in a very unique way. “Last year I was lucky enough to go to LA, to perform on the Late Late Show with James Corden with my brother’s band. One night, a celebrity stylist gave us a lift and she chose us each a piece of vintage clothing. Mine was the Ralph Lauren shirt. Now whenever I wear it, I remember the week I got to pretend to be a famous rock star in Los Angeles.” Quite the story!

Callum Wears

Shirt, vintage from Vulgar
Belt, Levi’s vintage from America
Joggers, originally from ASOS owned for over 7 years
Jacket, vintage from Forged Iron Vintage
Sunglasses, second hand Ray-Bans

Shoes, second hand
Trousers, second hand Levi’s
Belt, Levi’s vintage from America
Top, vintage Ralph Lauren from LA
Sunglasses, second hand

Shirt, vintage from Freshmans Boutique
Trousers, charity shop
Necklace, Jorvik Viking centre
Shoes, Christmas present worn for years

Top, originally from Peru, purchased from a car boot sale at Abbeydale Picture House
Belt, charity shop
Converse, second hand

Jumper, vintage
Trousers, charity shop

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