13 Aug 2019

I have been known to compliment strangers at traffic lights

Oriana saves her fashion compliments for items that she “really, genuinely likes”. However, if she spots something that fits the bill, she is not afraid to share the love. “It doesn’t matter if I know the person or not. I have been known to compliment strangers at traffic lights, on trains, sheltering under rainy shop canopies (the list goes on).” When it comes to defining what she likes specifically that is a little harder – she likes her red jumper because it goes with everything; her Sewasong necklace because it looks architectural and a pair of earrings because they are fun. “I’m most tempted to buy something for the same reason anyone buys clothes: because I think it’ll take me a little bit closer to the person I want to be or feel I should be.”

Oriana Wears

Shoes, second hand from British Heart Foundation
Jeans, second hand Levis from Ebay
Waistcoat, vintage from San Francisco
T-shirt, second hand
Eye bag, from An Lanntair Art Centre on the Isle of Lewis
Jacket, vintage with buttons from haberdashery
Naked lady pin, Yavm on Etsy
Ring, Oriana’s nonno’s
Locket, Oriana’s mum’s

Dress, The Glasgow Vintage Co.
Handbag, Keecie
Converse, second hand

Pink skirt, vintage, gift from Oriana’s dad
Top, second hand
Earrings, Naomi Hope Designs on Etsy
Thin ring, Islewear
Chunky ring, second hand from Morocco
Belt, from Morocco

Trousers, charity shop in Edinburgh
Necklace, Sew a song on Etsy
Earrings, Today
Watch, Mr Jones
Converse, second hand
Jumper, vintage

Shoes, vintage
Red jumper, The Glasgow Vintage Co.
Silk scarf, charity shop
Jacket, vintage shop in Edinburgh
Rucksack, Patagonia
Sunglasses, second hand Kurt Geiger

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