19 Apr 2019

I like people to wear things that reflect their individuality

When it comes to defining her preferred style, Hannah admits that her interest is in outfits that reflect personality. “I like people to wear things that suit them and reflect their individuality, rather than just wearing what’s seen as fashionable that week.” Hannah’s favourite garment has a personal story behind it too: “My Karen Mabon scarf is quite special. Karen’s illustrations are beautiful and my scarf features people running which I love because my husband and I go running together, so it has happy memories associated with it. Obviously, I don’t wear it to go running though!”

Hannah Wears

Polka dot top, clothes swap
Gold earrings, Vulgar Vintage Sheffield
Leggings, Antiform
Kathleen Hanna badge, Elodie G Illustrations

Floral jumpsuit, second hand
Daisy cardigan, Hello Fruits
Red bead necklace, vintage
Yellow earrings, vintage

Polka dot t-shirt, vintage
See You Later socks, Cutesy Huge
Pompom earrings, handmade
Skirt, El-Addo

Daffodil dress, Alice Takes a Trip
Head scarf, Karen Mabon
Gold earrings, Vulgar Vintage Sheffield

Leather skirt, vintage
Babe Squad t-shirt, Hello Fruits
Snug life badge, Punky Pins
Pink glitter earrings, Things Lucy Made

Patterned shirt, Girl Gang Manchester Clothes Swap
Denim skirt, second hand
Black leggings, People Tree
Shell Badge, Toni Bee

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